Jean Claude Van Damme is one of America's best martial artists to ever come from Belguim. The "Muscles from Brussels" truly has it all, or had it all. He has a healthy catalog of films totaling 7,937 mins from 62 movies of cinema to be watched (132 hours of nut-punching splits-kicking cinema!). Said films have had budgets totalling $1,104,530,000 (estimated), and gross revenue of $873,955,158 (estimated). But what these movies lost in money, they made up for in ball-breaking action and splits kicks.

Over the course of an undetermined amount of time we'll gather to watch JCVD and document the viewing using Jason's JCVD Review Matrix.. We look forward to a truly magnificent amount of splits kicks, yells, and nut punches.

The Rules (according to Mr. Lin at the Kumite!)
  1. Knock the guy out
  2. Knock the guy off the platform
  3. Make the m*therf*$ker say matté

As JC joints are watched the corresponding movie image opacity will be adjusted to 100%. Click on any movie image to see the Review Matrix and notes from the viewers after watching.

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